New To Penrith: Ladies

2019 Lady Captain Julie Graham(lft) and Lady Vice Gail Gravett
Welcome to Penrith Golf Club Ladies Section

Whether you are an experienced golfer, complete beginner or somewhere in between you will be assured of a warm and friendly welcome from the Ladies  at the club. Lady Captain, Julie Graham invites you to come and have a Coffee and a chat,  she will give you a tour of the Golf Club,  Introduce you to other members and answer any questions you may have about joining a Golf Club.     You can contact her on 01768 895419/07858240291

Ladies Club Champion 2018, Kathryn Bulman with 2018 Lady Captain, Suzanne Pealing

Throughout the year we play on a Tuesday morning, starting at 10am and we play friendly competitions in the winter

Our Sunday Ladies have 4 Tee-times on a Sunday morning between 10-10.30 and play in the weekly competitions.

There is a monthly social mixed golf competition - this gives members the opportunity of playing some fun golf and get to know players you may not normally play with.

A number of competitions have been played over 2018/2019 WINTER

The following two have been competed for all through the winter:

Ladies Sunday Winter 18 hole league Final Results: 2018/19
1st  P. Butler 27pts
2nd  D.Crewe 20pts
Joint 3rd  - D.Hodgson & Lyn Dulson

Tuesday Ladies 9 Hole Winter League Final Results 2018/19

 1st   L.Crubilier  &  P.Mattinson      22pts

2nd    J.Carruthers  &  J.Monk            20pts

3rd   S.Titterington  &  S.Quine         19pts

The results of the other winter competitions are:

27th November Florida Scramble
Winners L.Birbeck/L.Dulson/P.Simpson/G.Jones
Runners Up K.Bulman/A.Taylor/A.Childs/G.Robinson
9 Hole Competition Winner  K.Peasgood   21pts Runner Up J.Carruthers 19pts

1st December Moda Salver Trophy

Winner Bridget Coy 37pts Runner Up Carol Slinger 36 Pts (Count Back) Laura Hall   36pts
9 Hole Competition Winner Pat Mattinson   16pts (Count Back) J. Carruthers   16pts
4th December  Yellow Ball    Winners L.Young/B.Ewbank/A.Childs   84pts
RunnersUp P.Simpson/G.Jones/C.Williams   82pts
9 Hole Competition  Winner: L.Crubilier   21pts RunnersUp K.Peasgood   20pts

11th December 2018 Texas Scramble
Winners K.Bulman/J.Armstrong/J.Edmondson  67.4
Runners Up B.Ewbank/R.Coleby/L.Young  68.6
9 Hole Competition Winner J.Carruthers  16pts M.Boyd    15pts

8th January Greensomes Stableford

Winner: B.Carruther/M.Cranston 36 Pts (Count Back) Runners Up: J.Graham/B.Coy 36 Pts

9 Hole Competition Winner: L.Crubilier  20 Pts Runner Up: M. Boyd  18 Pts

15th January Yellow Ball Stableford

 Winner: L.Birbeck/L.Hall/C.Williams  74pts RunnerUp: J.Smith/B.Coy/C.Slinger  72pts

9 Hole Competition Winner L.Crubilier 18pts Runner Up:  P.Mattinson  14pts

4th February Stableford

Silver 1st Place – L. Young 38 Pts 2nd Place  - R.Coleby 35pts (Count Back)

Bronze 1st Place  – J.Edmondson 44pts 2nd Place – G.Robinson 43pts

9 hole Competition Winner: L.Crubilier 21pts Runner Up – E.Birbeck 20pts

12th February 4BBB – Multiplier

Winners R.Coleby/L.Young 60pts  Runners Up J.Armstrong/J.Graham    46pts.

9 Hole Competiton Winner:  S.Titterington 18pts Runner Up: H.Atkinson       15pts

19th February Stableford

Div1  Winner          R.Coleby  37pts Runner Up    B.Coy  34pts

Div2  Winner        J.Edmondson  39pts Runner Up   B.Carruthers  35pts

9 Hole Competiton Winner  J.Monk  16pts Runner Up  P.Mattinson  15pts

26th February Medal Aggregates

Winner: P.Simpson/L.Birbeck/C.Williams 130pts 

Runners Up J.Graham/J.Bowman/B.Coy  139pts

9 Hole Competition Winner   J.Monk  17pts Runnerup P.Mattinson   16pts

5th March Strings Stableford

Div 1 Winner         K.Bulman 34pts Runner Up   B.Ewbank  33pts

Div 2 Winner         A.Taylor   24pts Runner Up    B.Carruthers 23pts

19th March Coronation Foursomes

Trophy Winners:  B.Ewbank & L.Horlacker 38pts

Runners Up: K.Bulman & M.Cranston   33pts

2nd April 2019 Cecil Leitch 5 Club

Div 1  Winner          B.Ewbank      74  Runner Up   R.Davidson   76

Div 2  Winner          D.Crewe         77 Runner Up    C.West            78

9 Hole Comp Winner  P.Mattinson 19pts  L.Birbeck 17pts

Congratulations to our competition winners and runners-up.

Winner Bronze Final 2018 Carol Slinger, with 2018 Lady Captain, Suzanne Pealing
Competitive Spirit

Penrith Ladies are a competitive lot ; we have two teams A (Div 1) and B (Div 2) who play comptitively across the country during the season. In addition we have a team of ladies competiting for the club in the Cumbria Celcil Leitch Trophy.

We also have over 20 ladies who avctiviely play in small teams in Opens in Cumbria and the Borders.

Lady Captains last Tuesday - celebrating Halloween
Having Fun!

As well as our weekly competitions and well attended popular  Opens we also have a good fun social side,  which includes  an Annual Away/Exchange day with another Golf Club,  our Christmas Fun Night,   Social events such as bowling, murder mystery and learn to dance nights.